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 R1-1 Moisture content ( W% )    1
 R1-2 Wet sieve analysis    9
 R1-3 Hydrometer analysis ( sedimentation )    30
 R1-4 Atterberg limits : WL - WP - PI    8
         R1-5 Sand equivalent    10
         R1-6 Specific gravity    5
                 R1-7 Methyl blue test    8
 R1-8 Shrinkage limit determination    10
 R1-9 Organic matter content    20
 R1-10 Moisture - density relation using 2.5kg hammer ( Normal Proctor )    30
 R1-11 Moisture - density relation using 4.5kg hammer ( Modified Proctor )    30
 R1-12 Moisture - density relation and CBR tests ( 6 pts : 90% 95% 100% of compaction - imbibition 0h et 96h ) with swelling measurement.    60
 R1-13 Molding and penetration CBR with swelling measurement : by mold    8
 R1-14 Bearing capacity of sol according type of curing    BQ
 R1-15 Cement % content in a cement stabilised soil specimen    10
 R1-16 Molding and compressive test on soil-cement sample    10
 R1-17 Mix design of a cement stabilised soil comporting :    900
         - Recombining of the mix, Modified Proctor test et 3 CBR tests, with curing ( 3 days air + 4 days water ) before penetration test. - Molding 108 specimens for compressive and traction strength tests with different % cement content, curing conditions and compacity.    
 R1-18 Study of action of chemical products    BQ
 R1-19 Sand maximal density using vibration table    30
 R1-20 Aggregate Impact test    15
 R1-21 Aggregate Crushing Value    15
 R1-22 Liquid limit by dropping cone method    8
 R2-1 Visual identification of rock    2
 R2-2 Trimming of a specimen with diamant saw ( 2 faces )    4
 R2-3 Pulse sound velocity on sample    4
 R2-4 Compressive or traction by flexion strength test    10
 R2-5 PROTODIAKONOFF test    8
 R2-6 Crushing of blocks of rock by hammar    4
 R2-7 Los Angeles abrasion test - per type of grading    15
 R2-8 Dynamical fragmentation test    15
 R2-9 Moisture content on stock using Speedy apparatus    5
 R2-10 Moisture content with owen    1
 R2-11 Particle size distribution    9
 R2-12 Sand equivalent test    10
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CURRICULUM VITAE I. PERSONAL DATA:   Name : KHUN SRUN                  Sex: Male Nationality : Cambodian Date of Bir...
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