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MPWT Lab : Conscious of the interest that the creation of a National Laboratory of the Building and the Public Works, having for objective to answer the needs of the country concerning experimental controls, studies and technical advices in all sectors of the construction, presented the Government of Kingdom of Cambodia and the one of the Republic French signed December 17, 1993, an okay protocol carrying creation and working of such an establishment.
The missions of the MPWT Lab have perfectly been defined in the okay protocol:

  • Study of general interest permitting the setting up of a regimentation adapted to the local conditions and the new technique research destined to improve the economy of the projects and the Cambodian norm development.
  • Particular studies carrying on soils, the materials and their implementation, destined to provide to the masters of work the necessary data to the establishment of the projects under the duplicate aspect of the economy and the security.
  • Controlled of the quality of the materials and their implementation: verification of the conformity of supplying and the execution of works according to the prescriptions.
  • Operations of follow-up of the works in view of optimaliser their management.
  • Appraisals and pathological studies, advices and technical support.
  • Constitution of the technical memory of the country concerning public works.
  • Formation and information in link with the institute of Technology of Cambodia


To answer these objectives with speed and reliability, it is necessary to have adapted means techniques. These come from three origins:

  • First of all, the setting to disposition by the Ministry of the Public Works and Transportation, of all existing facilities of laboratory in the different societies state-controlled plaçées under his/her/its authority.
  • The biggest part is however the acquirement, on French financing, of material complementary technique the one previously evoked put back in state, of material of office and data processing Asian of Development destined to the restoration of the infrastructures, a complement has been acquired essentially in the road control domain. The amount of the investments thus facts are the order of $800 000.



The present strength of the MPWT Lab is of 16 people, of which 3 agents of framing ents, the Director of the Laboratory, Doctor - Engineer, the Directeur - Adjoint, engineer as well as an engineer geotechnicien.
     The necessary staff to the working of the Laboratory has been recruited among the staff of the Ministry or the state-controlled enterprises, according to the experience passed in the domain of the laboratory and the faculty judged by stern tests of selection. After recruitment, this staff received a complementary formation, become permanent. Most these agents are titular of a BST.
     The setting up of the MPWT Lab is assured by the Experimental Center of the Building and the Public Works (CEBTP), French organism broken to the missions of creation, management and technical support of this establishment type. The action of the CEBTP dons two complementary aspects: on the one hand, the detachment of two Experts, of which a high-level Engineer exercising the functions of project chief, and a very experienced expert in tests of laboratory assuring the permanent formation of the agents, on the other hand the technical support of the seat, placing at disposal his/her/its capital technique.

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CURRICULUM VITAE I. PERSONAL DATA:   Name : KHUN SRUN                  Sex: Male Nationality : Cambodian Date of Bir...
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